Kelt Eccleston - guitar, lead vocals

Kelt Eccleston finished the Theatre Program at the University of Victoria in 1986, and has been a performer ever since. He joined the Story Theatre Company, and collaborated with them for seven years, creating scripts and composing music for their touring shows, as well as being a featured performer. His musical versatility allowed him to adapt children’s nursery rhymes to popular songs; Baa Baa Black Sheep was sung to the tunes of ‘La Bamba,’ ‘Monday Monday’ and ‘Heard It Through the Grapevine.’ While on tour, he kept busy, composing original songs which became his first recording, The Beechwood Sessions. Together with the band, The Ecclestons, Kelt went on to record four additional CDs, containing original songs and unique arrangements of traditional Celtic music and Celtic arrangements of popular tunes. One ofthese arrangements, a Celtic version of ‘Staying Alive’, earned  a place on the popular CBC Radio show, ‘Madly off in All Directions’.   Kelt enjoyed regular airplay on CBC and many other radio stations, and toured throughout North America for ten years. In between tours, Kelt turned from stage to film, where he composed several independent film scores, acted in numerous feature films, and guest starred on TV shows such as Cold Squad and Hollywood Off-Ramp.

As a musician, Kelt is a unique and prolific songwriter. He is comfortable with practically any genre of music, and writes Blues, Ska, Reggae, punk, country, pop and Rock with a thorough understanding of each. He is a singer and multi-instrumentalist, playing guitar, penny whistle, bass, piano, and assorted percussion.

Rose Birney - mandolin, harmonica, percussion, harmonies

Born in West Vancouver and raised for a time in Montreal, Rose returned as soon as she was able to the west coast to work in radio and explore her passion for music.

Rose trained with long-time Victoria Brass and Woodwind repair technician Dave Rowse, at Dave Rowse Woodwind and Brass Repair from 1992 until opening her own shop in 2001.

Rose has an Associate of Arts in Fine Arts and also a Diploma in Radio Broadcasting from BCIT and worked in radio prior to becoming a repair technician.

Rose is also active in two Victoria bands: Four on the Floor with Overdrive and The Chattering Class, both singing and plying mandolin, guitar, bass and harmonica. Rose has been a two-time songwriting delegate to the BC Festival of the Arts and, as well as repairing brass instruments, gives mandolin lessons.

Mark Hellman - djembe, cajon, guitar, dulcimer, harmonies

Mark and his vintage Gibson guitar have been entertaining people around North America since 1977. His career in the performing arts spans three decades and many disciplines: actor, musician, composer, dancer, puppeteer, director, teacher, and independent producer, to name a few.  Recent credits include: Good Timber (Other Guys Theatre), The Life Inside (Belfry Theatre), Countryside Xmas (Chemainus Theatre), Tracks of the Troubadour (Story Theatre), and Sagas of the Salty Seas (Story Theatre).  As artist in residence at Victoria High School in 2012, Mark mentored an oral history project called Voices of the Elders, linking grade 12 students with Vic High Alumni dating back to the 1930's, to celebrate Victoria's 150th Anniversary.  Mark is now preparing to create a solo performance of THE TEMPEST, by William Shakespeare.  You can follow his progress by visiting his blog:

(reviews from GOOD TIMBER: Songs and Stories of the Western Logger)

Mark Hellman is a particularly strong performer: an excellent guitarist and charmingly dynamic actor....
               - Colin Thomas, Georgia Straight
Mark Hellman’s guitar – folk with bluesy accents and finishes – is virtuosic enough to carry the show itself and, 
    when left alone onstage for “BC Hiball,” he gets to do just that....
               - Chris Felling, Culture Vulture Victoria